Llan de Cubel

FA.CD. 8701/ FA.C. 8701 Deva.

FA.CD. 8718/ FA.C.8718 Na llende..

FA.CD. 8734/ FA.C. 8734 L’otru llau de la mar.

FA.CD. 8752/ FA.C. 8734 IV.

FA.CD. 8791/ FA.C. 8791 Un tiempu meyor.

It is the most internationally recognised Asturian folk group; their five records- published between 1987 and 1999- are basic for the new Asturian music. Their tunes are characterized by their rhythm, the originality in treating the traditional tunes, the use of revolutionary and poetic texts (in sung themes) and a high melodic and instrumental quality. They play gaita, violin, flute, percussion, bouzouky, acoustic guitar, bass and- sometimes- the accordion and the synthesizer.

Llan de Cubel are: Marcos Llope, Elías García, Fonsu Mielgo – three of the founders-, Simon Bradley, Xuan Rodríguez and Xel Pereda.