FA.CD. 87134 Letía

FA.CD. 8750. / FA.C. 8750 Puerta d’ Occidente

FA.CD. 8789 / FA.C. 8789 Mar de Nubes

Cántara Pipe Band from La Espina ( Salas), directed by folklorist and piper Gustavo Eguren, has kept a different line from the one of traditional bands: gaitas, tambores y bombo ( drums) since its foundation in 1984. According to the needs of the track’s arrangements they join instruments such as accordions, drums ( panderetas and panderos), clarinet, flute… and even electronic instruments like guitars, bass and synthesizers.

In their albums you can appreciate the band’s evolution. From traditional tunes adapted for pipe bands up to the folk style, the most modern music and contemporary sounds. This is why they have worked with prestigious Asturian composers such as Antolín de la Fuente or Ramón Prada.