El tambor de la abadía

FA.CD.87148 Tronar de Tambores

FA.CD. 8770/ FA.C. 8770 El Tambor de la Abadía

The percussion group El Tambor de la Abadía was created with the idea of giving the “main character” to the “tamborilero”(drummer), traditionally the “supporting role” next to the piper. As a consequence, they are very careful with the quality and variety of their music, using asturian drums, marching drums, other percussion instruments and the gaita as the main melodic instrument.

In their album there are tunes from Asturias, Scotland, American Independence… military Spanish tunes from the 18th century and a Breton one. Javier Tejedor, Efrén Vigil, Manuel Durán, David Varela and Francisco J. Álvarez compose the band. There are collaborations of La Viga Travesá Pipe Band and the great Breton piper Patrick Mollard.