La reina'l truébano

FA.CD. 8797/ FA.C. 8797 La danza l’ocho

FA.CD.87125 Xalea Real

It is a young band- founded in 1996- composed by young musicians and directed by Luis Feito. Although their headquarters is located in Navia, there are also players from counties Coaña, Valdés and A Veiga, all of them on the West of Asturias; this is the reason for their original and suggestive name ( La reina de la colmena/ The bee- hive’s queen). They play versions of asturian traditional tunes ( Xota d’Aristébanu, Las Camelias, Entemedios), as well as adapted hits like The Clampsy Lover Reel, The glass of beer or even original film soundtracks.