FA.CD. 8753 / FA.C. 8753 El son nel romanceru tradicional (I)

FA. CD. 8771/ FA. C. 8771 El son nes Dances de rueda de calter festivu profanu

FA.CD. 8781/ FA.C. 8781 El son nel romanceru tradicional (II)

FA.CD. 8763/ FA.C. 8764 El son nos cantares de la revolución d’ Ochobre de 1934 (I)

FA.CD. 8758 El son nos bailles corríos (I)

FA.CD. 8798/ FA.C. 8768 El son nos bailles corríos (II)

Cultural group Xana, from Perlora ( Carreño) publishes this ethnographic series, which is generically entitled Cantos y Bailes d’Asturies and is conducted by folklorist Fernando de la Puente Hevia according to his files. These are monographic CD’s on which members of the group play with the collaboration of some traditional musicians. On the first volume, folk group Llan de Cubel made the arrangements. Wanting to make a difference between the actual version and the files compiled on the investigation, since the second CD there is a short introduction of those files before the track starts. Each CD encloses a short leaflet with common information on ethnographic studies: classification method, explanation of the tunes, place where each version has been compiled, names of the “sources”, etc.