El gaiteru de Veriña. Mari Luz Cristóbal Caunedo

FA.CD. 8779/ FA.C. 8779 Misa asturiana de gaita

In Asturias, the use of the gaita as a soloist and accompanying instrument on liturgical songs and, most of all, on feasts of a patron saint’s masses was very popular until the end of the 19th century. Like this and, as a result of the prestige acquired, the name “ Misa de gaita” ( gaita’s mass) was extended. With roots on Gregorian singing and, on some specific parts, on “Aviento y Cuaresma”(Advent and Lent) Gregorian mass from the 14th century, this mass progressively turned asturian on its musical characteristics. It is sung in Greek ( Kyrie) and Latin. It is a small jewel of asturian tradition. On the album, Pedro Pangua collaborates as drum player on instrumental parts.