Jorge Méndez

FA.CD. 8751/ FA.C.8751 Música para órgano barroco español.

FA.CD. 8760/ FA.C.8760 Suite mitolóxica asturiana.

Jorge Méndez is , at the same time, one of the most versatile and heterodox Asturian musicians of nowadays; he has collaborated with several rock and folk bands and on the production part… Both of the CD’s we offer on our catalogue have their basis on the baroque organ, centenary instrument that becomes contemporary in his hands, thanks to the search for new sensations: from the minimal music in Danza de los Murciélagos or the sound explosion in La Bagad or Fantasía Asturiana – on the first album-, up to Suite Mitolóxica Asturiana, on the second, where he shapes musically some of the main characters of Asturian mythology , moving between impressionism and new-age music, without forgetting rhythmic passages. All this gives a surprising and totally actual result.