Rafael Lorenzo

FA.CD. 8773/ FA.C. 8773 La otra Asturias.

FA. CD. 87103/ FA.C. 87103
A Camín

Rafael Lorenzo is a singer and composer who- though being part of Nuevu Canciu Astur (New Asturian Song) generation , on the seventies – and having shared the stage on those years with Carlos Rubiera, Nuberu or Victor Manuel, didn’t record his first album until 1998. With La otra Asturias, he claims through ten tracks for the Asturiasof the “ braña” and the West navy: Romance de Luarca, Vaqueiros, Buelo

On his new and awaited work – which is published at the same time as this catalogue – A. Camín, he offers a short anthology from Alfonso Camín, a deep and deserved tribute to an excellent but forgotten asturian poet. Warm rhythms from Asturian emigration to America are found on this new album – Puerto Rico del Pez Vela, Indiano Viejo, Tequila – but there are also deep references to the origins’ land – Al son del carro, Elogio del oso pardo - . Rafael Lorenzo shows as well his maturity as a singer and composer. Javi Rubio made the arrangements on both albums.