Mari Luz Cristóbal Caunedo

FA.CD.87152 Cantar de Seronda

FA. CD. 87100 Onde la ñublina posa

One of the tune singers with more name in the Asturian music, Mariluz Cristóbal Caunedo, presents her second work, in it the singer join her its voice with different instruments that multiplies the possibilities of the music of Caunedo. 24 musicians collaborate in the 18 traditional songs that form the disk that means an union among a more veteran generation represented by Mariluz, with another younger one. Among the collaborators we are to names as the Bandina´l Tombo to the complete one, the group DRD, also singer Horacio Huerta, Indalecio Saints´ clarinet, voices of the group Muyeres or the piper Llorián García.