Banda de gaites La Raitana

FA.CD.87162 Mo.Hito

FA.CD.87118 De la revuelta a la marea

The Band of Bagpipes The Raitana that teachers Flavio R. Benito and Jordi F. Bolta direct, and that it joins instrumentalists of the town "Nava" and " Piloña", it has just taken out for sale Moh.ito, their second work, composed by 11 topics among those that are from Asturian traditional songs to new compositions. Besides the ideas and compositions made by the same directors of the grouping, Flavio R. Benito and Jordi F. Bolta, they can stand out in this CD Moh.ito the contributions of musicians like Ramón Prada, Javier Tejedor, Emilio Huerta, Jesús Arévalo, Kepa Junkera and the missing Half Ígor. Published by Fonoastur, " Moh.ito " includes clip The Raitana.