Carlos Rubiera

FA.CD.87112 Viaxe al Silenciu

After a ten year interval since he last recorded solo, popular Asturian folk singer-songwriter Carlos Rubiera finally presents his latest studio album. A new record and an entirely new voice, as in this time Carlos Rubiera has fully developped a lyrical baritone register which he displays throughout several of the songs. The album, presented in Book-CD format, is dedicated to the memory of the famous Asturian bagpiper Manolo Quirós. The album is opened--and closed-- with versions in Asturian of Lluis Llach´s ´Viaxe a Ítaca´ and also includes traditional songs such as ´Ayer díxome to padre´ or ´Arrimadín a aquel roble´. Amongst Rubiera´s new compositions stand out ´Cantata Mariñana´, of classical inspiration, subdivided into ´Habanera´, ´Oratoriu´ and ´Alborada´. The arrangements on the album are by Gabino Antuña.