FA.CD. 8769 El suañu

Since their founding in 1989, Esbardu have been one of the most active and productive societies in Asturies, as far as concerns the study and diffusion of tradicional Asturian customs and folklore, especially around the area of Aviles, where they annually organize one of the main interceltic festivals in Asturies.El suañu, The CD is divided into four parts each of which refer to one of the seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). The content of the first season is made up of three pieces taken from the Asturian folk heritage, each one adapted by the pipe band. In the second season the pipe band leave the Asturian geography, crossing borders of sand and sea, to approach other countries with which Asturies shares a greater affinity in their musical tradition. In Autumn we find three traditional dancing tunes from three different counties of Asturies--Cangas, Somiedu, and Tinéu, chosen for the brilliance and vigour of their folklore. Winter, the harshest season, sad and demanding, in which we come across three different forms of cultural manifestations which have been around from the remote of times, surviving to our very days due to their charm and freshness.