Esther Fonseca

FA.CD.87114 Agua

2002 release by Esther Fonseca in which she proves her artistic development and shows great vocal sensitivity in how she adapts to texts and melodies written by her father, the well known Asturian musician Nacho Fonseca. Much of the recording´s merit lies also, aside from the composer himself, in the work of two exceptional young Asturian folk musicians, Héctor Braga (from Llangres) and Marco Rodríguez, both of whome take care of most of the arrangements on the album. The musicians who took part in the recoding, besides the aforementioned, are virtually all equally young and with some part in the outstanding Asturian-folk resurgence of recent years: Borja Baragaño (whistles, flutes, Asturian pipes, Uilleann pipes), Aitor Miyares (accordion), Yago Prado (Celtic harp and acoustic guitar), Alberto Lozano (keyboards). Some of the other relevant musicians involved include longer standing and highly acclaimed names such as Elías García (bouzouki), Fernando Arias (ethnic percussions), Manolo Durán (traditional Asturian), Vicente Baragaño (bass drum) and several members of Banda de Gaites Mieres del Camín pipe band. Nacho Fonseca plays accoustic guitars and keyboards on various tracks, as do Marco Rodríguez (Spanish guitar and keyboards) and Hécotr Braga, who arranged six of the tracks and proves his great value as a studio musician, playing bandurria (Asturian rebec).