Los Gatos del Fornu

FA.CD.87124 Los Gatos del Fornu

Discographic debut by the well known Asturian folk band Los Gatos del Fornu, after years on Asturian stages delighting a numerous and loyal following of enthusiasts with their characteristic folk style. The eleven tracks on the CD show quite accurately why the Gatos´ sound has led them to be considered one of Asturies most successful live acts. It has taken the band members -no less than nine- a while to make up their minds on entering a recording studio, since the beginning of their musical career when they started out as a traditional Asturian "bandina" (typical small-village band with a strictly traditional repertoire and style). The band´s evolution over the last few years -very well received throughout frequent performances- is now offered us in CD, titled eponymously "Los gatos del fornu". The 11 songs on the CD uphold the tradition and the essence of Asturian musical heritage although the band´s own style and ideas enrich the sound on several levels.