La Noche Celta: Juan Noriega.

On the last third of I BC, emperor Caesar Augustus starts the campaigns against people in the north of the Iberic Peninsula: Cántabros, Astures and Galaicos.

On this historic situation, and in Asturias, La Noche Celta takes place. Beauty Maeve, descendant from an old stock in the Asturian “solar”; Virio, the young son of Nícer, the blacksmith; and Silo, the recently come bard, are the characters who will see their fate entwined within two feasts of the summer solstice – a year- in Castro de Coaña.

A castro de Coaña dreamed and recreated by the author, which- on river Navia’s shores- lives the agony of a world that tries to survive to the coming of a new era.