Ramón Prada

FA.CD.87129 Veinte canciones de amor y un poema desesperado

FA.CD.8754 / FA.C. 8754 La Noche Celta.

FA.CD.8780. La Noche Celta. ( OSPA)

Composed by Ramón Prada, who follows freely the plot of the novel with the same title by Juan Noriega. Written for classic and popular instruments ( gaita, wooden flute, acoustic guitar, zanfona, bouzouky, percussions) and with the background of the war between pre-roman people in the Asturian land and the Roman Empire ( I bC), Ramón Prada creates a work between the epic and the lyric which opens in Asturias a new style in composition which hadn’t been explored yet: the Celtic symphony. Available in two versions, studio ( with collaborations from the most prestigious Asturian folk musicians) and symphonic, played by the OSPA (Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias), who first played it in Lorient’s Interceltic Festival (Brittany) in 1998 with a great success.